The Hill City Project

Onslow is a dynamic county of 197,938 culturally diverse people who represent nations from around the world. Being a thriving county on the North Carolina coast, Onslow is home to many people who work and do life in the 9 cities and towns that make up this great county. The need for the gospel of Jesus Christ is extraordinary, as many of the souls we meet on the streets are desperately trying to find hope and peace, not knowing who Jesus is, and some not having ever been on the inside of a church.

37 years ago, I was born here. But in my early 20s, I was saved here and came to know that being born-again was more than just a self-declared proclamation, but an experience that education, rehabilitation, and reformation, couldn’t remotely come close to. When I was born-again I was recreated. I found the HOPE that the people of Onslow are looking for!

God has a masterful way of orchestrating our days and our purpose to influence the people in our world for His glory. Walking with Him and feeling His heartbeat has clarified my purpose, causing me to pursue a God-given dream of helping real people experience extraordinary life in Jesus Christ.

For the last 15 years, I have served in numerous ministries and experienced the privilege of impacting lives with the love of Christ. As we look to the future, our Hill City dreams are bigger than ever before with the desire to experience a movement that inspires a generation to a holy awakening and calls them to participate in the last day harvest.

Our passion is to go anywhere and do whatever is necessary to see people encounter the life-changing power of His Spirit. In the Fall of 2020, We embarked upon a launch of a church of 36 members in Jacksonville, NC. Together, the mission was to see the people of Onslow County experience a new life in Jesus; and the vision is to grow and plant churches until this region is saturated with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for taking the time to hear the Hill City heartbeat.

We are confident that you, too, have heard The Call,

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The Call

The process of starting a church in Jacksonville, NC has been beautifully orchestrated by the hand of God. In September, I asked my father, Tony Sr., to help me co-pastor Hill City and to help me flesh out the vision that God gave me for Hill City back in 2019. God told me at a UPCI General Conference, “I will dry up the wells of false doctrine in Onslow County as long as there is a well of truth to replace it.” We have been met with many obstacles already but God has been faithful and has lead us through each one.

While the process of building Hill City here was wrought with financial obstacles, God is shattering them, one by one! This has caused us to have supernatural faith that urges us to truly pursue this Hill City Project, like never before, for the supernatural provision to reach this region for the name of Jesus and see it transformed by His Spirit through the saving of lost souls and the planting of as many churches as possible!

We pray that you, too, can hear the call of God and feel His heartbeat for Onslow County!

There are 4 ways you can help us:

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Ask God how you can best partner with us today!

Generosity Makes The Difference!

The faith-filled vision of The Hill City Project is to be a healthy, growing, self-sustaining church within three years with the goal of planting a number of churches. Your partnership will make a difference in the journey of seeing each Hill City Church thrive.

How you can give:

  1. You, our friends and supporters, can be a part of our Hill City story of provision through a monthly gift of $25 or more for the next three years.
  2. Pastors, your local church can be a part of our Hill City story of provision through a monthly gift of $100 or more for the next three years.

What you will receive:

  1. Tax deductions for your generosity
  2. Monthly ‘Healthy Church’ reports and updates
  3. Short-Term Mission Trips and Special Project opportunities in Onslow County

As you read this, we have prayed that you will be inspired and will respond by becoming a strategic partner, or by submitting a one-time gift as the Lord lays on your heart. Scroll down to view The Hill City Project Budget.

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How To Partner

We sincerely thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with us.
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